Digital signage Solution (CMS)

Digital signage

Solution (CMS)

Easy UI operation solution for users

Special features

Android and Windows Compatible

AVA CMS can easily implement practical solutions using a variety of peripheral devices, including the latest Android operating system and Windows operating system.

PLUG n PLAY Easy Installation

Compact devices with built-in WIFI capabilities are installed on the TV HDMI terminal with PLUG IN, which dramatically reduces the time and cost of installation and maintenance.

Ease of Use Operating System

Intuitive UI structure and web (WEB) based operating system are simple training without experts, and can be easily operated by anyone, reflecting the needs of many years of production sites, providing a variety of flexible management features that are not found in similar solutions.

Unique content-creating tools

To help anyone easily create professional-level visual content, AVAVISION’s unique solution (based on flash templates) maximizes operational utility.

Various screen configurations

Various screen segmentation options are provided, which can be changed from time to time, to be applied in real time (remote) as required. You can freely remote control the screen structure of your nationwide store TV from the head office to use it for the marketing activities.

Synchronization video presentation

If you have a multi-format display, you can use the Sync function to display images like a single screen, and you can make the display more luxurious through various productions.

Product characteristics

A user-centered operation solution based on a web-based central management system
Target devices can be operated and managed on any computer anytime, anywhere
  • Set free resolution and specify multiple areas without discrimination on the display
  • Access and manage content files in a variety of formats, and configure them
  • Single or multi-schedule transmission by desired time zone
  • Real-time schedule transfer by individual or group clients
  • Real-time health monitoring of clients spread across multiple geographies over a centralized network
  • Real-time on/off control of each client
  • Live Text Subtitle Transfer Functions
  • Implement program interfaces that are easy to apply to beginners

System Configuration

클라이언트 플레이어 - 기능 : 데이터 파일을 재생하는 역할, 구성: 클라이언트, 플레이어, 티비, ppt-viewer, vnc server 등,
                        client : server와의 통신, 파일전송, player:데이터파일재생, tv(관리자문의), ppt-viewer:powerpoint전용 플레이어, vnc server: 원격관리지원. (동영상, ppt, 플래쉬, 이미지, 웹페이지, 자막, exe, rta 이 있음)/server-기능 :MANAGER 및 CLIENT의 통신을 담당하고,  
	      스케줄 파일 및 데이터 파일의 메인 저장소., 구성 : WEB, DB, File 서버 등 
           - WEB서버(Apache) : MANAGER 및 각
	     CLIENT와의 실시간 통신 담당
           - DB서버(Mysql ): 각종 데이터 저장소
           - FILE서버(Filezilla FTP) : 데이터 
	     Upload/Download 담당/ manager-기능 : 데이터 파일을 이용한 스케줄 작성 및
	     CLIENT 실시간 관리, 구성:WEB, DB, File 서버 등 
           - MANAGER
           - VNC Viewer : CLIENT 원격관리/ client player, server, manager 는 네트워크 망이 연결되어 있으며 방화벽이 있다.

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