LED display

Indoor Q-pro


Indoor Q-Pro

energy-saving dual chip
Color representation close to the original
4200Hz ultra-high refresh rate
high quality gray scale

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  • Energy-saving dual IC

    Use dynamic energy-saving dual PWM-SS ICs to support 4.5V low voltage and dynamic standby to save more energy.

  • High-efficiency copper cables

    Use high-efficiency copper cables to reduce heat generation and energy consumption for longer product life.

  • Clear screen without syringe

    4200Hz ultra-high refresh rate for comfortable viewing and clear screen without syringe.

  • High Quality Gray Scale

    Reducing the brightness does not destroy the contrast difference and creates a deeper picture.

  • Color representation close to the original

    The strict selection of each element and its uniform wavelength and placement enable high-quality display, allowing you to enjoy the color of the content without distortion.

  • Front and Rear Maintenance

    Easy maintenance from all directions, front and back. *Please inquire for available models



Indoor Spec
아바비젼 led전광판의 실내형스펙을 안내하며, 모델명, 피치(㎜)픽셀, 픽셀 구성, 모듈 사이즈 (WxHxD), 모듈 해상도, 캐비닛 해상도, 재생률(㎐), 시야각(H/V), 소비전력(Max/Avg)(W) 항목으로 구성되어있습니다.
Model name Pixel Pitch(㎜) Pixel configuration Module Size
Module Resolution Frame Rate(㎐) Viewing Angle(H/V) Power Consumption
ALED-QD-I-1.0 1.0 320x160 320x160x14.5 320x160 4200 160º/160º 791/264
ALED-QD-I-1.25 1.25 320x160 580/194
ALED-QD-I-1.37 1.37 234x118
ALED-QD-I-1.53 1.53 208x104
ALED-QD-I-1.66 1.66 192x96
ALED-QD-I-1.86 1.86 172x86 439/147
ALED-QD-I-2.0 2.0 320x160x15 160x80 150º/150º
ALED-QD-I-2.5 2.5 128x64 457/153
ALED-QD-I-3.0 3.0 320x160x14 104x52 140º/140º 413/138
ALED-QD-I-4.0 4.0 80x40 465/155
Indoor common Spec
아바비젼 led전광판의 실내형 공통스펙을 안내하며, 용도, 캐비닛사이즈, 캐비닛재질, 모듈수량, 캐비닌 무게, 밝기, ip등급 항목으로 구성되어있습니다.
Purpose Cabinet Size
Cabinet material Module Quantity Cabinet Weight
(Including Modules)
Brightness(nit) IPGrade
Indoor 640x480 Aluminium 2x3(1cabinet) 10kg 600-800 IP30

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