Procurement Virtual Sports System


Virtual Sports System

Operational Virtual Sports System with G-Learning Content (ALK-55MR)

What is G-learning? Game-based Learning, game-based learning
Learning device that utilizes motion-recognized content as a learning tool, the system can improve knowledge and cognitive skills as well as exercise functions.

Special Features

Indoor sports optimization system not affected by weather and location
Experience fast and easy sports anytime, anywhere
The Development of a Vigorating School Environment through the Enhancement of Physical Fitness
Effect of Interior Design on Space Creation in Physical Education Classroom
Experience of various sports equipment safely at once
7Kcal energy
consumption per minute
Double growth
50% increase of
Weight control
Physical strength improvement
Depression reduction

Exercise effect

It has aerobic exercise effects that are more than fast walking, which excels at dieting and preventing obesity.

The data was tested by the National Center for Health and Human Resources Development by measuring heart rate, oxygen intake, energy consumption, and metabolic rate by performing 6 minutes, 6 minutes, and 60 minutes of virtual sports system for a total of 20 people in their 30s and 30s living in the Seoul metropolitan area respectively.

Product characteristics

  • Hands-on learning tools: can be applied immediately after knowledge is acquired to see the results
  • Interactional learning tools: Engagement-type classes can be conducted through natural interaction between teachers and students
  • Creative learning tools: Ability to set up and analyze problems and solve problems at the same time
  • Microsoft Develops High Quality Content
  • Use various physical education and sensory activities with various motion recognition contents

Software Description

28 sports, 58 fitness sports, 120 dance songs, 50 hands-on adventure experiences.

* 250+ internal content in total


Sortation 55" Virtual Sports System(ALK-55MR)
Features Size 55"
Ratio 16:09
Resolution 1920x1080( FHD)
Shell Color Black
Shell Size(mm) With Stand: Undetermined
Without Stand: Undetermined
Contrast Ratio 1100:01:00
Brightness(cd/㎡) 450
Response Time 9.4ms
Viewing Angle 178
Lifespan 50000H
Sensor Type Motion Sensing Sensor (KINECT)
Controller Stick, Pad, Button (2.4GHz Wireless)
Others Input Voltage AC100V~240V 50/60Hz

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