LED Display




Display smooth surfaces
7.5mm thin plate / V-shaped silicone backing
precise and easy installation
high efficiency copper cables

Installation Reference

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  • Implementing dynamic screens

    Smooth curved surfaces can be displayed to implement dynamic screens such as cylindrical, wave, etc.

  • High-efficiency copper cables

    Use high-efficiency copper cables to reduce heat generation and energy consumption for longer product life.

  • Thin to enhance design value

    7.5mm thin plate and V-shaped silicone backing support wider angles, showing excellent aesthetics after installation.

  • Precise and easy installation

    Fine-tunable and powerful magnets make installation extremely easy and precise.


Flexible Spec
아바비젼 Flexible Spec을 안내하며, 모델명, 피치(㎜)픽셀, 굽힘각도, 모듈 사이즈 (WxHxD), 밝기, 재생률(㎐), 시야각(H/V), 소비전력(Max/Avg)(W) 항목으로 구성되어있습니다.
Model Name Pixel Pitch(㎜) Bending Angle Module Size
(cd /m2)
Frame Rate(㎐) Viewing Angle(H) Viewing Angle(V) Power Consumption
ALED-QDF-I-1.5 1.5mm [horizontal]
inside : ≥135°

outside : ≥170°
inside : ≥170°
320*160*7.5 mm 600 4200Hz 140±10° 130±10° 580/232
ALED-QDF-I-1.8 1.8mm 500 439/176
ALED-QDF-I-2.0 2.0mm 500 439/176
ALED-QDF-I-2.5 2.5mm 400 457/183

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