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Flatboard is an LED display that provides various contents. It is a stand-mounted product that is slim and light, so anyone can easily install and move it. It fits naturally in any space and can be used as an electronic poster, etc.

Installation Reference

  • Easy content presentation

    You can easily play saved content using USB.

  • Free content layout configuration

    The S/W that comes with the product allows you to easily and simply configure the layout of the content to be displayed.

  • Easy and simple installation

    As it is a stand-mounted product, anyone can easily install and move it.

  • Design that fits any space

    It has a slim design that fits naturally in any space.

Software Description

Tool that can be expressed through software

  • Video, photo and text display functions

  • Clock and timing functions

  • GIF animation display function

  • Multiple text display and various text effect settings (3D Text, etc.)

  • Display style setting function according to weather settings and weather properties (*Available only when a network is provided on the control card)

  • Copy function using USB Memory to change and express only the content without separate layout settings


아바비젼 led전광판의 실내형스펙을 안내하며, 모델명, ALED-QD-O-2.5, ALED-QD-O-3.0, ALED-QD-O-4.0, ALED-QD-O-5.0, ALED-QD-O-6.0, ALED-QD-O-8.0, ALED-QD-O-10.0 항목으로 구성되어있습니다.
Use for Indoor
Pixel Pitch 2.5mm
Resolution 256pixel(L) x 448pixel(H)
Brightness ≥2000cd/㎡
Pixel Matrix Per Sq.m 160,000pixels/㎡
Weight 16.5Kg
Power consumption Max. 600W / Avg. 400W
Viewing angle 160°(H) / 120°(V)
Visible distance 2m ~ 30m
Size 658mm x 1138mm x 67mm

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