Commercial Smart Board


Smart Board

Interactive Smart Board

Interactive smart tablets aim to bring together high-definition LCD, display, whiteboard, computer and network transmission capabilities that surpass traditional educational models to create a more efficient interactive training experience.

Special Features

infrared multi-touch technology

Support for 10 touch-point technology makes it easy for many people to touch and write.

Dual OS

A perfect combination of DUAL OS with which Windows and Android systems work together.

Various Front Interface / Bottom

For quick and easy access to your computer and external USB drives, the front USB, HDMI interface is provided.

Smart "core" capability

Intelligent operation, multi-channel writing, annotation and screen shots, smart eye protection, and automatic screen brightness.

glare-resistant reinforced glass

AG enhanced glass, ultra high penetration and strong protection.

built-in surround speaker

Two-channel music combination, high-quality sound improves students' learning experience.

Product characteristics


It provides a side toolbar and allows you to write, clear, switch signals, share, and other operations on all channels.


makes it easier to write and erase.

black background board

Easily switch to the blackboard mode with one click on all channels, stay away from dusty environments.


Stimulates students' interest in learning with a variety of tools to make the classroom more fun.


Scan and share QR codes to make smart classrooms more efficient.


Select multiple background, add multiple pages, wireless roaming

signal source

Intelligent awareness, one-click transition

스마트보드 제품 정면, 측면
스마트보드 제품 후면, 후면 측면

Software Description


DocZoom Screen Teacher

DocZoom Screen Teacher is a program that allows you to carry out classes by writing boards on the screen.

DocZoom Screen Teacher offers the following features

  • You can do whatever you want on the screen.
  • After you capture the screen area, you can insert it into the board for the board.
  • PowerPoint slideshow-only mode allows you to board pages as you progress through slideshows.
  • It offers a variety of features that are useful in the course.

Basic function

Open PowerPoint

Open the selected PowerPoint document to enter slide show mode. In this mode, lectures can be delivered as slideshows, more easily and strongly than the board functions supported by PowerPoint.

Save Screen

Capture and save the current screen as an image. At this point, the main toolbar and the panel toolbar are captured hidden. You can save it in JPG or PNG format.

Open Image Folder

Opens the saved folder of captured images.

Open the Panzer Board after capturing an area

Specify a specific area on the screen to capture the image and insert the captured image into the board. It's useful to detail specific parts of the screen (hotkeys: F6).

Open the board 1

Open portable pop-up board 1. (hot key: F7)

Open the board 2

Open portable pop-up board 2. (hot key: F8)

Select Spotlight Area

Highlight the area by blackening any part other than the specified square area.

Invert Screen Color

Invert color throughout the window screen in real time.

Add Screen History

Capture the current screen and add it as a screen history item.

Open the Screen History window

Opens the Screen History Viewer window, where you can view all of the screen history items that have been recorded since the program ran at once.

Environment Settings

Opens the Program Preferences window.


Screen board function

Mouse Mode
ball-point pen
brush pen
Drawing Shapes
line eraser
Point Eraser
To change pen properties
Clear all
To change the color of your board screen background
To invert screen colors
Sub blackboard
Pin/Hide Toolbar
Leave Mode


스마트 보드의 스펙을 안내하며 , model, 65", panel, touch, connectiveity, sound, smart system, mechanical, power 항목으로 구성된 표입니다.
Model 65"
Panel Screen Size 65"
Display Resolution 3840 x 2160
Brightness (Type) 350 cd / ㎡
Contrast (Type) 5000:1
Response Time (Gray To Gray) 8 ms
Viewing Angle (H / V) 178° / 178°
Service Life > 30,000 Hours
Touch Detection Method Infrared
Avalilable Touch Point 32 Point (5 point Φ3mm )
Response Time (Type) <= 10ms
Communication Interface USB
Connectivity Input / Ouput HDMI (2.0) in x 3 / HDMI out x 1 VGA in x 1 / DP in x 1
Digital Audio Optical out x 1 / Mini Jack out x 1
USB 3.0 x 3 / USB 2.0 x 1 / USB Type C x 1
RS-232C x 1 / RJ-45 x 2
Touch Out (USB Type-B) x 3
Wifi 지원 / 블루투스 5.0 지원 (추가 옵션)
Sound Audio Power Output (RMS) 15Wx2
Smart System CPU ARM Cortex A73x2
Cortex A53x2
Operating System Android 8.0
Memory 4GB
On-Board Storage 32GB
Mechanical Dimension of Product (W x H x D) 1490.5x875.5x89.3
Dimension of Package Carton (W x H x D) 1676x1097x231
VESA® Hole Pitch (W x H) 400 x 600 (mm), M8 Screw
Weight of Product 43 kg
Front Glass Tempered Glass (Anti-glare Type)
Power Power Supply AC 100-240 V 50 / 60Hz

Installation Reference


Additional Configuration - External OS [Windows OPS] - Optional

플랫터치테이블의 추가구성사항을 안내하며 model, ops2, picture, operating system, cpu, chipset, graphics, memory, storage, wireless data network, lan, audio, i/o ports, ops interface, dimension, weight 항목으로 구성된 표입니다.
Model OPS2
Picture 스마트보드 추가구성 외장 os[windows OPS]
Operating System Windows 10 / DOS
CPU 6th / 7th Generation Intel® Core™ Mobile Processor
Chipset Integrated
Graphics Integrated
Memory 4 GB Up to 32 GB
Dual Channel, DDR4L
Storage 2.5" 500 GB Up to 2 TB SATA Hard Drive
128 GB Up to 256 GB M2.2242 SSD(optional)
Wireless data network 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac, Bluetooth V4.0
LAN 10/100/1000 Mbps
Audio High Definition 5.1 Channel Audio
I/O PORTS 2 x USB 3.0
2 x USB 2.0
1 x HDMI(3840X2160@30Hz
1 x RJ45 LAN
2 x Audio Jack(s) (Line out/Mic in)
OPS Interface HDMI (up to 3840X2160@60Hz)
Dimension (mm) 180mm(L) x 119mm(W) x 30mm(H)
Weight(kg) 0.9kg

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